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Late Night Home Workout Ideas

I know I am not alone when I admit that when the season Premiere of the Biggest Loser ended, I wanted to workout. I find that show so motivating. Unless you belong to a 24 hour gym, chances are low you are going to head to the gym at 10pm. You can harness that motivation and workout in the convenience of your own home! Here are a few ways to make a home workout work even if it's late.

  • So what if it is 10 pm, the gym is closed and your downstairs neighbors are sleeping. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home.
  • Push ups, planks, side plank and elbow planks are quiet and will work your upper body and core!
  • Sit ups of all variations work wonders day or night. If noise is an issue, the slower you do them the less noise you will make. Looking for a new abs routine? Check out this Short, Sweet and Complete Abs video.
  • If you have hand weights you can do a wide variety of exercises that make absolutely no noise - except for your breath, of course!
  • Say you are in the mood for alternating reverse lunges, don't let sleeping folks around you keep you from lunging, just make your lunges as quiet and controlled as possible - this will make you work even harder and challenge your coordination.
  • If you can rock out, try an exercise DVD - here are some that I have reviewed. Pilates and yoga tend to make less noise than cardio if noise is a consideration.
  • Stretch! Flexibility training is an essential part of fitness that is quiet and easy to do. Plus it is a great way to calm down after a busy day. Chances are high a short stretching session will motivate you to workout the next day!

Fit's Tip: Contrary to popular belief, exercising before going to bed doesn't interfere with sleep. If you feel super awake after exercising, try a nice soothing bathe since they tend to promote sleep over invigorating showers.


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