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Lean Pocket Recall

I am not really a big fan of processed food, but I have been known to experiment with Whole Grain Lean Pockets. So the news that something went awry in the Lean Pockets processing plant and some pockets ended up with plastic bits in them, interested me. I like to keep track of these things.

After receiving two complaints from the USDA, Nestle has begun recalling nearly 200,000 pounds of frozen stuffed chicken sandwiches from stores nationwide. Only Spinach Artichoke Chicken Lean Pockets, sold with two sandwiches per box, are being recalled. Look for the "Best Before" date of "Nov 2009" followed by a package code beginning "8144 544616." Also printed on the side of the package is the establishment number "P7721A."

These Lean Pockets hit stores around May 23, so check your freezer too.

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blah2blah2 blah2blah2 8 years
girl you need to jump off that soapbox & go empower yourself with an open mind. serriously, you're rabid over a handful of kids over seas who don't know egg logic. what if religious views or vegan parental figures don't agree with eating animal products? go preech to the food network, food lovers of America, join a soup kitchen so you can spread the love or something. leave us poor soles who have to comsume frozen food now and then alone. jeeze
rabidmoon rabidmoon 8 years
While I understand some processed foods are cheaper, cooking for yourself is NOT more expensive. I have, in lean times, fed myself well and healthily for 10 euros. Over a week. What I say is not meant to judge, but time and time again I run into people who not only don't cook...they can't. I've met kids in the UK that literally do not know where eggs come from. And I don't think anywhere in my comment was I unkind or "Judging", just suggesting that people empower themselves with knowledge about food, and cooking. But see it however you wish. :P
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
Rabidmoon...I think this is an inappropriate comment. Lean pockets also come in 100% whole wheat. I'm sure you eat some type of processed food at one time or another so you have no right to judge. phatE...I don't believe it's more expensive to eat healthier but it is more expensive to eat 100% organic. Now there's crap and there's junk food. Ramen noodles are crap b/c not much nutrients but triple layer brownies or something like that is definitely junk food. lenepocket...I'm turning you in for a bounty :)
phatE phatE 8 years
Rabidmoon, making your own food is not cheaper by any means when we are talking about lean box which run about $2.50 a box most places.. This is like telling low income people to only eat organic.. It's expensive to eat healthy, and right.. It's cheaper to eat crap.. It's way sad, and also why a high percentage of low income families are overweight.
rabidmoon rabidmoon 8 years
Find time to make your own foods, its cheaper, healthier and you're less likely to find foreign objects in the box. :P
lenepocket lenepocket 8 years
OMG i am being recalled!!!!!!!!!!!!! what to do?!??!??????
phatE phatE 8 years
seriously, even posts like this begin in a condescending tone.. " I am not really a big fan of processed food, but I have been known to experiment with Whole Grain Lean Pockets." SO.. I eat the regular run of the mill lean pockets and drink diet coke.. Maybe I am the only one who is still living in gluttony? i would hate to see the judgment placed on those who eat actual hot pockets while drinking regular coke..
allinavhcnerf allinavhcnerf 8 years
that flavor tastes really good!
angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
I got some of the turkey variety for days when I forget lunch/or work-provided lunch is less than healthy.
freegracefrom freegracefrom 8 years
Oh god. I've seriously bought (and eaten) like dozens of these already. (Spinach and artichokes are my favorites!) Luckily, I haven't had any plastic bits in mine.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
so glad i don't eat this stuff.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
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