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Learn How to Balance in Bound Headstand

We've been doing a lot of grounding yoga poses like Warrior 1 and Pigeon that work on your leg strength and flexibility. Let's turn things around - literally - and talk about headstands. This is a fun inversion to practice, because you can work on your balance and build the strength in your upper body. I do this pose if I have a headache, stuffy nose, or if I'm feeling sad or tired. All the blood rushing to my face is so invigorating, and standing upside down gives me a whole new perspective on life.

Try this pose, but do only what you feel comfortable with. You don't even have to lift your legs off the ground — you can just work on building the strength in your upper back and arms. You can also do this pose in front of a wall or with a trusty friend who can spot you.

Sanskrit Name: Baddha Hasta Sirsasana A
English Translation: Bound Hands Headstand Posture A
Also Called: Bound Headstand
  • Begin with your hands and knees on the mat. Lower your elbows to the floor and interlace your fingers, bringing your lowest pinky in front of the other pinky, forming a semi-circle with your hands.
  • Place the BACK of your head against your palms, and the top of your head on the mat, so your skull is vertical with the floor. Once your head and forearms feel stable, straighten both legs and walk you feet towards your face as far as you can.
  • Shift your hips over your shoulders, and keep you elbows planted firmly on the mat. Lift your right leg straight up towards the sky, and stay here, or work on lifting your left leg up too, coming into full headstand.

Getting into headstand and being able to stay up is a fun challenge to practice, but it can be a little scary. Everybody has a hard time at first and everyone falls out of it. It's no big deal - you just have to keep on trying until your body gets it. Once you do find your balance, the feeling is unbelievable!

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