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Learn to Love: Exercising in the Rain

Even though Summer air is so hot and humid, I still try to exercise outdoors. The other day as I set out for a run, I noticed a light sprinkle in the air; I was so relieved. Rain can definitely keep you cool, and it can also be more challenging than exercising in dry weather. So here are some tips for working out in the rain:

  • Stay near your home or office when working out in case it starts to downpour and you need to head inside.
  • Slip on a lightweight rain jacket or some kind of waterproof layer that will repel the raindrops. You want the water to bead off you and not get absorbed in your clothes (extra water weight makes moving harder). If it's too hot to even think about wearing long sleeves then find a sleeveless top made of waterproof material.
  • The same goes for your bottoms. Wear some shorts or pants designed to repel water.
  • Cloudy weather darkens the sky so whatever you wear, be sure it's bright colored or reflective. If it's really gloomy out, wearing a headlamp greatly increases your visibility to cars and other people.
  • When it comes to your feet, slip on some wicking socks to absorb any wetness. Purchase some waterproof sneakers, too. If splurging for a pair isn't in your budget, just avoid puddles since wet feet is a major cause of blisters.

To hear other helpful tips


  • I always wear sunglasses when it's raining to prevent water from pelting me in the eyes. A hat is a good idea too since it shields water from your eyes, face, and neck.
  • If you listen to music, cover your iPod or whatever you use with a waterproof case. If you don't have one, a Ziploc bag is a great alternative. You'll also want to use a set of waterproof headphones. Look for other waterproof rain gear designed for the activity you plan on doing. A mudguard for your bike is one example.
  • Avoid exercising on busy roads to prevent whizzing cars from splashing puddles all over you.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. You may not be able to exercise as long, as far, or in certain places, so just enjoy the time you have and don't try to set any personal records. Be proud that you chose to exercise in the rain, since most people use that as an excuse to skip out.
  • A little rain can't hurt, but lightning is another story. If you see flashes or hear thunder then head indoors. Hit the gym, pop in an exercise DVD, or do some strength training instead.


Mmmarshmallow Mmmarshmallow 9 years
I wish I could exercise in the rain - the rain is not the friend of us glasses-wearing people (and don't say 'wear a cap', because that doesn't make a difference - and for some of us, we cannot wear contact lenses by the very nature of our eye condition)
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
Running in the rain is my FAVORITE!!! I loved when it downpoured during CC practice, it does keep me cool and refreshed so I usually run longer.
Hoaxerz Hoaxerz 9 years
I too love running in the rain, even the downpours :).
Spectra Spectra 9 years
The other week we got 6 inches of rain all at once and I went for my normal 3 mile walk with my dog. I took the umbrella, but it didn't do me much good because the water was about ankle deep on most of the sidewalks and we ended up getting soaked anyway.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 9 years
I LOVE running in the rain!
SublimeChica SublimeChica 9 years
I biked 8 miles in the rain was so refreshing! I passed a lot of joggers on my way home too; evidently I'm not the only one who enjoys working out in the rain.
jdeprima jdeprima 9 years
I headed out for a run in a "light sprinkle" yesterday. It turned into a blinding downpour once I was about a mile from home; it only lasted about 10 minutes, but I was, obviously, soaked to the skin. But I still did my whole workout--5 miles!
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