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Learn to Love Figs

While dried figs are available all year round, fresh figs are in season June through September, which means you should start seeing them in the grocery store soon and they should be affordable. Four ounces of fresh figs provides about four grams of fiber. Figs are also a good source for potassium. Most importantly they are a sweet low-calorie food — four ounces is only 84 calories. They make a juicy dessert on a hot night. You can add figs to salads; they pair wonderfully with arugula.

I like to eat them as an appetizer. After washing the figs, I cut off the top stem and slice the fruit in half. I spread the fig halves with a layer of mild, soft goat cheese that I mixed with freshly ground pepper. I sprinkle the plate with freshly chopped chives. This quick finger food is surprisingly tidy and is great to eat while preparing dinner.

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