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Who knew that our fat cells harbor the secret to controlling our appetite? Produced in fat cells, the hormone leptin helps control our appetites and metabolism. Author of The Leptin Diet, Byron J. Richards believes that mastering this fat hormone means preventing weight gain and obesity. His eating plan is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle based on "eating in harmony with leptin."

Think of leptin as a gas gauge. To know how much fuel you have left in your car, you check the gauge. Leptin serves the same purpose to your brain, telling it when you're low on energy and in need of fuel, aka food. Certain foods and eating habits can block leptin's message to your brain, so Richards developed five rules that allow leptin to do its job helping you maintain a healthy weight.

To learn the five rules of this leptin lifestyle, just


Let me point out that these rules come straight from Byron himself:

  1. Never eat after dinner. Allow 11 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, and finish eating dinner at least three hours before bed.

  2. Eat three meals a day. Allow five to six hours between meals and do not snack. Snacking causes leptin to malfunction.
  3. Do not eat large meals. Eat slowly and stop eating a meal when you are slightly less than full. Consistently eating large meals is the easiest way there is to poison your body with food.
  4. Eat a breakfast containing protein. Your metabolism can increase by 30 percent after a high-protein meal. A high carb meal such as cereal or a bagel will increase your metabolism only by four percent.
  5. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten. Definitely eat some carbs, but don't overdo it. In each meal, half should be a protein source, and half should be a healthy carb.

To hear more, you can pick up his book called The Leptin Diet: How Fit Is Your Fat? ($15)

I could never wait that many hours between eating and am a firm believer in snacks. After reading all these rules, tell me, what's your opinion of The Leptin Diet?

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Alice15382867 Alice15382867 3 years
I have lost 17 LBS on it since Jan 1st, love this diet, love this way of life actually!
nanchamp nanchamp 5 years
The comment that this is the way we use to eat really makes sense to me. My weight issues started when I gave up 3 meals a day. I am reading the book, it makes sense. I think each person has their own biochemical make up, you need to find what works best. The science behind the glycemic index has existed for several years, finally it has become common knowledge. Many of the diabetics where utilizing the glycemic index several years before it was recognized in the medical community. Years ago very few vitamins were prescribed in a hospital. In recent years more vitamins are prescribed. I chuckle at this old idea, but it worked. Just look at old photos from 60s,70s 80s were were skinny! Now we gave up our fat, carbs and we are getting fatter. Eat good whole foods with fewer additives! I had a skinny grandfather, who said do not eat till you are stuffed, being hungry is ok!
JeaniS JeaniS 6 years
This is the same as the Weigh Down diet. I'm on day 10, don't feel the need for snacks, have lots of energy, and am peeling off a bit of weight every day. DO this, it can save your life.
jjasinsk jjasinsk 8 years
Anyone writing a diet book based on a hormone (leptin) should probably have PhD or MD training. I don't think that nutritionists study metabolic biochem. enough to warrant forming a diet theory about it. Sounds like BS to me.....
meowhubbs meowhubbs 8 years
This "non-diet" sounds ridiculous. In this man's opinion people are not supposed to eat until they're full and then wait 5-6 hours between meals?? Your stomach completely empties itself in 2-3 hours. I would be starving all the time eating like this! And no snacking!? It's scientifically proven that snacking is actually great for your metabolism... Sorry to be so negative but I will not be trying this diet EVER!
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
I'm not one of those eat 5 meals a day people, I eat a small breakfast and a normal sized lunch and dinner and no snacks and it works for me. To be honest the only people I know that do the 5 small meals a day thing are on the heavier side.
lenelay lenelay 8 years
I definitely don't like this. Your body needs fuel throughout the day. 5-6 small meals is the way to go. Just eat when you feel your body needing fuel - and don't snack if you don't need it.
cotedazur cotedazur 8 years
This is sort of the French way of eating... here it's strongly discouraged to snack between meals (all food advertisements have a little warning on the bottom: "for your health, avoid snacking"), and dinner tends to be a small meal with only fruit or a yogurt as dessert. My husband, who's a doctor, thinks this is a great idea and that the five small meals a day just encourages people to eat all the time.
opentypeA opentypeA 8 years
No snacking and you can't eat big meals? ...In order to make sure I didn't get hungry I'd have to either snack or have a big meal before, preferably the former :-)
autumnsky autumnsky 8 years
i honestly live off of small meals, so this is one of the many diets that just doesn't sound like my cup of tea. I hate feeling full which tends to happen if i sit down to a big meal--having a just-enough-size snack to carry me over & satisfy my appetite is my current eating far so good :)
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
Actually, I happen to eat this way (I never read this book). I eat three, solid meals a day, and I don't snack. I'm busy. I only have time to eat three times a day. I have other matter to tend to.
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