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Let's Get Physical: Cross-Country Skiing

Let's Get Physical: Cross-Country Skiing

After a fresh blanket of snow has fallen overnight, nothing compares to getting out in the morning to see all of the snow capped trees with their fluffy white branches.

And what better way than to share it with someone you love? Plus - it's important to use the buddy system when venturing out in nature.

Cross-country skiing moves at the pace of walking or jogging - this means you can really enjoy the time talking with your companion, snapping pictures, and taking in all the breathtaking beauty around you.

Just call up your local ski area or resort and find out what they have for cross-country ski trails. You'll probably have to pay a fee (about $15) to use their property, which is totally worth it - it'll give you peace of mind knowing others have skied it before. Plus, ski patrols monitor the trails so you'll feel safe knowing there's help close by should you need it.

Try to get to the resort early in the morning. That way you'll have time to rent all of the gear you'll need (cross-country skis, boots, and poles) before hitting the trail. Or better yet - stay over the night before and make a weekend of it. You can treat yourselves to full body massages afterwards.

Want to know what else you should know? Then

Cross-country skiing is physically challenging, and you don't want to sweat, leaving you wet and cold. Wear warm, flexible layers, and a backpack - that way if you start to heat up, you can strip down, and keep the unnecessary layers in your pack.

Pack enough water for the two of you. Even though it's cold, cross-country skiing is still a workout and you don't want to get dehydrated. Of course, pack some snacks too that won't freeze, such as nuts and granola bars.

Fit's Tips: If you've never been before, think about taking a lesson from the ski resort before making a date of it. This will significantly lower the chances of bickering.

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