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Let Pilates move you: Balance Point

I am always looking for balance in my life and if you are too, here is an exercise for you. It is known as Balance Point.

Sit on the ground with your knees bent with your hands behind your knees. Use your abs to roll behind your sits bones (yep, those bones you sit on). Keep your low back rounded as you lift your legs off the floor one at a time. You are now in Balance Point.

But wait there is more...

Keeping your hands behind your knees straighten one leg. That simple move will make your abs work more to keep you in place. Bend that knee back to the starting position and try the other leg.

To see the next move and learn some variations

Now, straighten both legs - keep your abs engaged and your lower back round, making sure to not "pop" back onto your sits bones.

For more of a challenge take your hands out from behind your knees. Don't let your legs drop when you do this. For even more of a challenge lift your arms up over your head.

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Tech Tech 10 years
That's more intense than it looks!
DStirk DStirk 10 years
so hard but I can feel it! sweet!
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