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Lighten Up Foods from South of the Border

As much as we love foods from south of the border, they can wreak havoc south of the border on our bodies (I'm thinking midsection, thighs and butt). If you're like me, however, then you absolutely can't be without the occasional Mexican feast. In the Dieter's Support Group, user AtlantaNoleGirl shared her healthier choices when eating out, but what if you're making your own fare?

In light of this, here are some great tips from the American Diabetes Association on keeping Latin foods healthy and tasty:

  • Take advantage of all the fruits and vegetables that come from the Caribbean, and Latin and South America and incorporate them in your meal plan. Be adventurous and pick up a new fruit or vegetable the next time you go to the store.
  • Incorporate more fiber in your meal plan by choosing fresh produce and whole grain products, such as brown rice or whole wheat tortillas.
  • Skip the salt and use herbs, garlic and other seasonings. Use spicy chili peppers to add flavor and zip. Try smoked turkey instead of salt pork.
  • Broil it. Bake it. Grill it. Or, use a low calorie cooking spray instead of butter when frying or sautéing.
  • Remove skin and fat from meats before cooking. Use skim instead of whole milk.


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