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It seems like you can't win for losing, and in this case I literally mean losing weight. Some celebs get scrutinized for gaining pounds, like poor Jessica Simpson, while others reap negative attention for dropping pounds. The Hollywood weight issue du jour is — Lindsay Lohan. Recently, public concern has been raised that Lindsay is losing too much weight. She defends her tiny frame, admitting that she has lost weight but that it "was unintentional." Claiming to be eating just as she always has, Lohan cited the Big Mac she had at McDonald's recently as evidence. She reasons that the weight loss is a side product of working too much, stress, and lack of sleep when traveling. Lindsay said, "I think it's all that stuff that adds up."

To see how much weight she has lost,


Because she claims to never weighs herself, Lohan is not sure how much weight she's lost. She says pressures to be thin in Hollywood aren't on her mind anymore as she is just concerned with being herself, saying that it is important for celebs to "accept yourself for who you are."

Sounds like she may be running herself ragged without really jogging. I hope she takes better care of herself and adds some healthy meals into her daily life.


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