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Lindsey Vonn Using a TheraBand in the Pool

The Under-$10 Item Lindsey Vonn Uses to Take Her Workouts to the Next Level

Professional skiier and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn has become our personal trainer. Well, virtually, that is. If we're ever in need of a little fitness advice, Lindsey's Instagram is bursting with various workouts in the gym, at the beach, on the slopes, and now, in the pool.

During her stay at a ski resort in Portillo, Chile, Lindsey used the pool to do numerous reps of single-leg step downs while wearing a TheraBand around her knees. The TheraBand is a continuous loop resistance band that is usually placed on the lower body to improve strength and balance in the knees, hips, and glutes. One band usually costs less than $10. See? We learn something new from Lindsey's Instagram every day.

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