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Lindsey Vonn Workouts

Lindsey Vonn Tells Us About the Workout That Makes Her Feel "Incredibly Empowered"

Even if you didn't catch every moment of the 2018 Winter Olympics, you probably heard Lindsey Vonn's name once or twice. She's an American skier who has faced some pretty bad injuries in the past, which stopped her from competing in the 2014 Olympics. But Lindsey came back strong this year! She took home the bronze medal in the women's downhill, making her the oldest women's alpine skier to win an Olympic medal. What a legend!

Because she's such an American athletic icon, we couldn't help but ask Lindsey what her favorite workouts are — other than skiing, of course. "I really like weightlifting. It makes me feel incredibly empowered and strong, even when it's really difficult, and I definitely feel the most confident when I know I crushed some serious weight that day," she told POPSUGAR. "Doing cardio, on the other hand, not so much!" We feel you, Lindsey.

As for what kind of strength training Lindsey does, she said she spends most of her time on "quad, glute, and hamstring strength." Think squats, deadlifts, and lunges. "Since my injury on my right knee, I have to do strength training every single day to work to build up my quads," she explained. "Quads tend to become small and weak incredibly fast, so I have to really focus on my training to ensure everything stays strong." Clearly, all her hard work paid off.

As far as outside of the gym, Lindsey takes her beauty routine pretty seriously. "I love to wear makeup!" she gushed. "I feel like I put my best foot forward when I do my makeup and feel good in my own skin." Eyeliner is the one piece of makeup she can't live without.

Lindsey also understands the importance of keeping an organized home in order to feel grounded and keep stress at bay. "I have three dogs who can be a bit like bulls in a china shop," she told POPSUGAR. To keep her place neat and tidy, she uses Bounty "to clean up all of their messes while I'm at home and on the road," because a clean house contributes to a clear mind.

Now that the Olympics are over in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Lindsey has a few plans in mind. First and foremost, she's going to indulge in her favorite treat: frozen yogurt. "I'm specifically looking forward to chocolate vanilla swirl or cake batter with Reese's Pieces Minis," she shared. "I plan to still compete. Next up is the World Cup, where I hope to eventually beat the all-time win record. Then, who knows what's next!"

Image Source: Getty / Andreas Rentz
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