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Speak Up: What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Two thousand ten is over, which means not only are we going through all the Best of 2010, but it's also time to get serious about New Year's resolutions. We're curious if you have any healthy resolutions for 2011, so speak up and share them in the comments section below. No resolution is too big or too small to share —  we want to hear them all. And, if you're worried about veering off track, check out our video on how to make resolutions stick.

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bohokitty bohokitty 6 years
To start hitting the gym regularly,spend more time with my son:) and attempt to quit smoking completely ( currently down from a pack a day to a cig every other day.)
guavajelly guavajelly 6 years
Make good food & fitness second nature!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
My health related goals are to run for 45 minutes 5x a week, pilates 1x a week and yoga 2x a week, record absolutely everything i eat on the daily plate, and to lose 10 more pounds to get to my dream weight. I accomplished all of my fitness related 2010 goals so I'm optimistic!
DrAzucar DrAzucar 6 years
1. Lose 30 lbs before I get pregnant 2. Run a 1/2 marathon 3. Stop cursing
Spectra Spectra 6 years
Mine are not that huge--I want to continue with my cardio program, but I want to get serious about kettlebell training because I've been slacking in the strength training department. I also want to make sure I floss every day and drink more water.
inlove23 inlove23 6 years
I started losing weight last Christmas (2009), and I would like to continue that. I would also like to run a 10k and half marathon =)
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
Take two group fitness classes and walk at least 30 minutes once a week.
tuliprush tuliprush 6 years
To travel more, and to run a half marathon. I'm already looking into a trip to Germany in the Spring - - - now I just have to find a half marathon to sign up for!
Becca84 Becca84 6 years
live in the moment
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Well my formal resolution is to not die this year, it's the same resolution I've had for the last 13 years and I haven't broken it yet. Not so much a resolution, but I did sign up for a class called 'intro to lifetime fitness' which I am both excited for and a bit nervous about. I keep active and I'm at a healthy weight (5'6, 138 lbs) but I would like to tone up more. It has been a long while since I spent serious time in a gym.
Advah Advah 6 years
Go for a swim at least once or twice a month (not that much, I know, but at least I won't forget for 6 months or so). And keep my chin up and look confident and efficient, even if 90% of the time I've no clue wtf I'm doing and/or feel miserable. Weirdly enough, it helps.
bosworthfan bosworthfan 6 years
I am also looking at staying in touch with all my home friends as much as possible. I live out of state for grad school now and I am missing everyone and their life updates...need to stay in touch--simple texts, facebook messages or even phone calls to catch up!
bosworthfan bosworthfan 6 years
Mine are to run a 10k then half marathon (at least one of each, if more than one--awesome!). Also, I want to get back to period weight, since I know that having a period is very vital to my future. Then, I would like to limit my sugary food intake (I tend to get yeast infections a lot due to the amount of simple sugars I eat), and to also become a cyclist (road bike cyclist and on a team).
benheld benheld 6 years
Mine are to run a half marathon (already registered for a June race!), and to do "water weekdays" to stay away from sugary, caffeinated, or alcholic drinks most days of the week.
heathbar6 heathbar6 6 years
My fitness resolutions, I plan on running more, increasing my pace speed, swimming more, taking up a tennis class maybe and hopefully joining a ballet class. I also have the goal of losing at least 5 pounds before my official race season starts again in March
TiVo TiVo 6 years
Thanks for throwing that out there, Lo Lo! That's mine too. ; )
Soniabonya Soniabonya 6 years
i got a list of 10 things going on with some subcategories within them. ^^; I am giving up alcohol for 6 months alternating. going to train for a 10k. start a new series of paintings. prepare for the Day of the Dead. get my art work into a show/gallery in San Francisco, San Jose or other city ^^;. and to publish my book.
joghog joghog 6 years
To FINALLY give up Diet Coke for good. I have to get a root canal after years of excessive diet soda consumption, so this should be an easy one......
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
1.) To continue on my now 7+ months of exercising to feel great and stay active in times of instant gratification and robots! 2.) To enjoy life more with my family up north and my boyfriend (who's mother just moved in with him EEEEK!)... I let work (7 days a week) consume my life a lot this year, it's time to enjoy the fruits of my labor!
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
I just happened to decide about a week ago to (re)start running every day, and to do more random nice things for the people I care about. So, the timing means I'm calling it a New Year's Resolution. lol.
Lo-Lo291303 Lo-Lo291303 6 years
1. To praise my husband more and give him more lovin' (hehe) and 2. To cut back on coffee and swap it for more green tea.
TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 6 years
I don't make resolutions-- just goals throughout the year. Much less chance of failing!
radiowires radiowires 6 years
To run a half marathon! I'm going to register on New Year's Day.
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