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Lose the Belly Fat Without the Crunches

Worried that your middle is starting to grow? AOL Body has come up with three simple belly-blasting tips, none of which are crunches, that anyone can fit into their normal routine. Here are highlights:

  1. Don't Get Trapped by Trans Fats: To your waistline, what you don't eat is just as important as what you do. A recent study done at Wake Forest University has concluded that trans fat, which has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, may also increase dangerous belly fat.
  2. Get More Zs: Studies have shown that those who get less than four hours of sleep per night are 70 percent more likely to be obese than those who get seven to nine hours. Sleep deprivation lowers leptin, a protein that suppresses appetite and tells the brain when the stomach is full. Not catching enough Zs also inhibits the production of insulin, which regulates blood sugar. So, if you're constantly burning the midnight oil, you're interfering with your body's ability to burn off extra calories.

There's one more helpful tip so


  1. Managing Stress: The Fight or Flight response has been around for millions of years, but it could also be adding unwanted inches to your waistline. When faced with stress, our bodies release a hormonal cocktail of adrenaline, cortisol, and insulin. Not only have high cortisol levels been associated with increased appetite and fat production, but the fat has been shown to typically deposit itself in the belly area.


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