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Love Your Body Day Is Today

I just found out that today is Love Your Body Day. Although it might be a little late in the day, you still have a few hours to love your body, and don't stop the love when the clock strikes midnight. Being kind to yourself is an important mindset to maintain.

The Love Your Body campaign was created by the National Organization for Women to expose the unrealistic beauty standards created by the media all around us. You know how it bothers me when I see how much cover girls, like Faith Hill, are photoshopped. NOW's campaign delves deeper into the beauty myth with their educational video and slide show The ABCs and Ds of Commercial Images of Women. It is definitely worth checking out.

So don't criticize your body, at least for the rest of the day! Remember, even Faith Hill doesn't look like cover girl Faith Hill!

How will you celebrate your body today? Tell me in the comment section below.

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