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Low-Calorie and Clean Recipes

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Calorie counting can be overwhelming, which is why we partnered with StarKist Tuna Creations® to share these healthy and low-calorie recipes.

Tracking what you're eating daily does help you become more aware of what goes into your body, but according to experts, the kinds of calories you're eating can have an effect on your health, too. Besides tallying up your daily intake along with how many glasses of water you are drinking, nightly hours of sleep, and all those workouts you are burning through, making sure your diet is full of clean, fresh foods and lean meats could be the key to your weight-loss success.

All of these delicious recipes ring in under 400 calories, making them smart choices for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So stop getting frustrated with all that math, and get in the kitchen for some healthy cooking — which burns 17 calories per 15 minutes!

Source: Lizzie Fuhr