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Low Calorie Food Inspiration

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Does healthy have to mean boring? We think not, which is why we partnered with thinkThin® protein bars on this game that challenges you to guess which dish is healthy and which one is indulgent.

There's nothing more satisfying than a healthy dish that tastes just as decadent as the full-fat version. From homemade mac and cheese to chocolatey desserts, you might be surprised by which of these foods are actually low in calories. But can you tell the difference by sight? Guess which dish is under 400 calories by playing our mouth-watering game!

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With 20 grams of protein wrapped in rich chocolate and made in a variety of delicious flavors, thinkThin® High Protein Bars offer a portable, nutritious snack to help satisfy hunger and boost energy. Each gluten-free bar has 0 grams sugar and is certified low glycemic.

AlysaFleisher AlysaFleisher 2 years

Useless article, they have long ago disproven the fact that dietary fat makes you fat. its been sugars (including carbohydrates) all along. Yet still these articles persist. It would be one thing if the carbohydrates from grains were the healthy ones that were utilized decades ago but they have become less and less nutritious and more dangerous to eat over the years. Guess it was the early days of GMO products making things cheaper.

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