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Low Fat French Fry Alert

I know many of you have a weakness for french fries, and they are often your favorite cheat food. Well, folks in the food industry are looking out for you and have developed My Fries, which I will gladly share of course.

These revamped french fries contain 25 percent less fat than regular fries, which is good if you are trying to watch your waist line. They are coated with something called i3 advantage – a french-fry coating technology. Who knew that there were french-fry coating technologies? The coating impedes the fry from absorbing cooking fat, so the potato doesn't act like a sponge for oil and sop up all that fat. These fries are targeted for the fit-conscious consumer — do you feel targeted. Here's the nutritional info if you are interested. Looks like Pete Wentz and Kendra Wilkinson are enjoying their My Fries. Hopefully we will all be able try them soon at health-conscious, fast-food restaurants everywhere!


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