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What's the Deal With the Lunch Box Diet?

Have you heard all the fuss about this new diet, the Lunch Box Diet, which everyone is crazy about? Here are the basics, and it's probably a lot more realistic than you might think.
The Lunch Box Diet, an online diet plan, is a new diet based on buying a large plastic lunch box and filing it with a mix of 60 percent wholesome natural vegetables, 30 percent protein and 10 percent fat. Dieters are then encouraged to slowly graze on the lunch box contents through the day so they are not tempted to binge at meal times. The theory behind the diet is to eliminate pig-out sessions and that after a small period of time on the diet your desire for foods high in sugar and salt will reduce naturally as your taste buds change onto the more natural sources of foods that you're encouraged to pack in your lunch box. Basically the diet strikes me as a slightly more gimmicky way at getting us to eat the things we already know we should eat. If it gets folks eating healthy, then I'm all for it. There is nothing that seems unhealthy or unrealistic about the diet so if it sounds like it would work for you then give it a shot — but you must let me know what you think!

One of my favorite things about the diet is that it can be downloaded from the Internet (about 10 pages) for around $19.95, so check it out here.


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