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Madonna: Fit and Fifty

Word on the street is that Madonna will be doing some double-Dutch jump-roping in her upcoming Sticky and Sweet tour. While all that jumping is a serious cardio workout, I am sure Madonna can handle it and then some. She's seriously fit and today she is turning 50! Happy birthday, Madge.

How exactly does this icon maintain her insane physique after five decades? She works plenty hard at it, that's how. Madonna said, "There are no tricks. Tricks don’t work. Discipline does." And she is one disciplined macrobiotic girl. Plus she knows what fitness tricks do work: she has a great fitness buddy Gwyneth Paltrow, she's got a tough trainer, and she mixes it up. Madge bikes and runs, as well as practices ashtanga yoga and Gyrotonic. She also conveniently has a gym in her home, or at least as close as the house next door that she converted to a gym.

Whether or not she is taking the health thing too far by injecting herself with vitamins, Madonna lives the healthy lifestyle most of the time.

I for one hope to be as fit as Madonna when I hit the mid century mark. What about you, does Madonna inspire you? Tell me in the comments section below.


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angelfromlsu angelfromlsu 8 years
Her low body fat ages her a bit quicker than her good genetics can make up for it. Her fitness level is very inspiring. BTW...I have those veins and I certainly am not as thin as Madonna.
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 8 years
She's just...her. Her body is her body. She's healthy and enjoys it. You don't HAVE to be this sex bomb slut to be a pop star, you know, like, um...the Pussycat Dolls? So yah, she just kicks butt.
mjane79 mjane79 8 years
While I applaud her for remaining active, she seems to take it too far. From what I've read about her diet and exercise routine, it's not very balanced. She doesn't seem to rest her muscles and like doesn't eat enough to support the very active lifestyle she leads. All this makes her body actually look older than she is.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I like how fit she is (especially her toned arms), but her skin itself is looking kind of old. She could use some more moisturizer and sunscreen on her hands and neck.
flirtyfloridian flirtyfloridian 8 years
*sigh* i love old 1980s madonna. i dont know why she gets praised SO much these days. granted she has accomplished a lot and has really made something of herself, but i dont think she has aged gracefully at all. she still performs like shes in her 20s and dresses somewhat that way too. i dont think shes a good mother figure either. hey, im all about working towards staying young but i think she is taking it a bit too far. she doesn't look like a woman... she looks like the crypt keeper.
uptown_girl uptown_girl 8 years
I think she looks really gross.
Lilavati Lilavati 8 years
I hope I'm that fit, but nothing more. She looks like she's trying to look 20. Women who embrace their age and dress accordingly look way better to me.
hartmann1 hartmann1 8 years
I think a softer hair color would help Madonna. At age 50, the platinum blonde doesn't work as well as a more 'natural' color. I think her discipline is amazing. I would love to have the 'free' time she does. But no matter, she works hard for what she gets. I think she plays the game of the music industry excellently, whether you like her music or not.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
cindychic, lol. i love to see people's opinions even when they vary from mine (I like opinionated people for the most part).. the chef though.. good god, I want my own chef/nutritionist. I think I'd be way healthier if I had one to make food for me and tell me I couldn't eat anything else but what they make me. I don't have that kind of money though.
cindychic cindychic 8 years
No, I don't consider her an inspiration. She looks odd and unreal. I know that as someone with out her exceptional resources ($30,000 for plastic surgery, ??$ for private gym and chef) I will never look like that, nor do I want to. I want to look good AND enjoy life. A happy balance would be inspirational for me. She looks like she has gone beyond fit and into obsessive. Her life must revolve around her looks. That's not my idea of the good life, sorry. If that is what makes her happy, too bad.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Her high level of fitness really does inspire me, but I think she's sort of trying too hard now. She looks REALLY old without makeup and she would probably look almost better with a few extra pounds on her. I do give her credit though; most women her age don't have that level of discipline. I really hope I'm able to be that active when I'm her age!
chippyshero2066 chippyshero2066 8 years
Considering I am 8 years younger than her, I hope I look as good as her when I hit 50. Madge has done every fitness training known to man. They did however forgot to mention that Madge has also doned pilates too. She, Tina Turner, Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda are the reasons why so many women in the industry decided to get off their butts to keep in shape. WTG Madonna and happy birthday!!!!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I totally agree lillis...she looks like a bodybuilder or something. I think it's creepy.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
I love her best in long sleeves (wish she didn't have those big veins...) but I think she's still on top and the sh!t!! (I don't even like mainstream music either.)
sunshine001 sunshine001 8 years
Madonna is phenomenal, it takes a lot of hard work to get to where she got, I think her body is terrific, especially at her age. I would love to have her body, especially her arms!!!! Go Madonna!!!
xxkrist24xx xxkrist24xx 8 years
I'd love to look like her at 50, but realistically, I don't think I will. I doubt I'm going to have 2+ hours every day to devote to exercise and a strict macrobiotic diet would suck all the joy out of eating for me. I'll be happy if I'm maintaining healthy cardiovascular activity and weight training.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
I hope I am fit like her when I reach her age. However, I find her motives a little narcissistic. She works out for hours at a time each day to maintain her fitness levels. I think she has trouble grasping the fact that she doesn't have the body of a 25 year old. Still, I love her music and I respect the accomplishments she's made in her career. If you really want to check out an older woman with a good body, check out Helen Mirren, and she's 64 years old! She's fit, but she doesn't try to look younger than her age.
lillis lillis 8 years
I think Madonna looks disgusting! Her body is a huge turn-off! Just look at all those veins sticking out. I think she's too fit, she's not very feminine anymore. Of course it's only my opinion, but I would never want to look like that.
lilCROAT03 lilCROAT03 8 years
she's living proof to me that age is not an excuse to feel bad about your body. you can be fit at any's all a matter of determination (time and money of course).
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