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Maintain It: Just Rewards

You have lost all the pounds you wanted and hit your target weight (RIGHT ON!!!) so the really hard part is over. But keeping the weight off also takes some discipline. Here is where making all those lifestyle changes comes in handy. Steer clear of sweets and alcohol when it comes to rewarding yourself and create some new healthy, just rewards.

For a job well done, buy yourself some flowers or even just a single stem of your favorite bloom if you're watching your pocketbook as well as your waist line. You'll be treating your senses of sight and smell instead of your sense of taste, but still quite satisfying. By trimming the stems and changing the water regularly, those flowers will last a lot longer than the taste of a Snickers bar.

For some other ideas

Buy yourself a small token of "self" esteem like socks or earrings. I love accessories - you can get them on the cheap and they can transform old outfits. These are great self rewards if you're still dieting too, since they will always fit.

Drink some herbal tea for dessert. The warm liquid aids digestion and if you don't use sugar or honey the caloric impact is minimal. Pick a couple of different teas to try that are naturally sweet. Chamomile or rooibos teas (I really like Honey Bush) are tasty and can satisfy the sweet tooth.

So treat yourself right without upping your caloric intake and losing your willpower and more power to you.

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