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Make a Coffee Station at You Desk

Save Money and Calories: Coffee at Your Desk

There are a lot of hidden calories in espresso drinks, especially holiday offerings like pumpkin spice lattes. A cup of plain coffee is usually a safe bet calorie wise but buying one cup a day can easily amount to five hundred dollars a year. Some break rooms have coffee machines but the stuff that comes out of those things are usually pretty gross tasting.

With a little creativity (and a hot water source) you can enjoy a good, cheap cup of coffee right at your desk. Not only will it taste better and save you money, it will also allow you to cut back on waste by eliminating all those paper cups.

  • To get started you'll need a mug and some coffee beans. I like to buy good coffee beans since they can really make or break how coffee tastes. Buying good beans is still cheaper than going out for coffee everyday. Have your local coffee shop grind the beans, or for ultimate freshness bring a small coffee grinder to the office.
  • Decide how you'll brew your coffee. A reusable single cup filter tends to be the easiest method, but you can also opt for a 12-ounce french press or an automatic single cup coffeemaker.
  • Now all you need is hot water. Most offices have a water cooler with a hot water spigot or a microwave that you can use to heat water up.

For a few more tips,


  • I keep a small carton of milk in the office refrigerator to add to my coffee, but in a pinch I've also used shelf stable organic non-dairy creamer.
  • If you like the flavors of Fall make a nice spice mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves to sprinkle over the top.
  • Another option is nixing the mini coffee station altogether, and asking if any of your co-workers (or boss) can chip in for an office coffee maker and weekly allowance of beans.

A shout-out to Fit tea drinkers: don't be embarrassed to set up a mini tea station at your desk too! I always keep a variety of tea bags at my desk when I need a pick-me-up.

Join The Conversation
insanitypepper insanitypepper 7 years
I usually bring my coffee from home. But if I need a little more, I like to put a packet of sugar-free hot chocolate mix into the bad office coffee.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
My mum had her own Plunger at her desk, so all she needed was hot water and some ground coffee. She'd brew the coffee just before her break and it would smell so good! I'm a bit sneakier and just make it at work (I'm a barista!).
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
Fit is totally right about the breakroom coffee. Ours is significantly worse tasting than the starbucks via instant coffee, which is really saying something.
swag1 swag1 7 years
If you're drinking buckets of pumpkin-pie-flavored Cool-Whip, you're not drinking coffee -- so leave the coffee out of it and address that main problem. Otherwise, I find it funny how many articles freak over $500/year on coffee when people spend a lot more than that on cable television for programs they can get for free, and more, over the Internet.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I can't drink anything at work because I work in a lab, but I do always make my own coffee and drink it in the lounge during my break. I use the powdered nondairy creamer and a little Splenda and cinnamon in mine to make it taste kind of like a coffeeshop drink, but it's a LOT cheaper. BTW, I highly recommend having your own grinder for your beans. The coffee tastes a LOT fresher and you can make it as strong as you want it.
Deidre Deidre 7 years
Definitely a nice idea...except for the bring-your-own-grinder option (co-workers might not be so keen on the noise).
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