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Make It a Morning Workout on Cinco de Mayo

There's nothing quite like lounging with some pals after a long day of work, sipping margaritas and dipping chips in guacamole. It's not healthy to indulge like that every night, but Cinco de Mayo gives me an excuse to put a little ole into my evening. Because I'll be heading from the office to a fiesta, I'm going to set my alarm earlier tomorrow morning to make sure I work out.

It's tempting to adopt an all or nothing attitude whenever there's a holiday that encourages indulgence. Instead of resigning to more unhealthy habits just because you'll be indulging during dinner, use your morning workout to feel better about your splurges. You'll be able to enjoy them more without the added guilt of skipping your workout.

Want to know how much activity you need to burn off a shot of tequila? Just


A 130-pound woman would have to run 6 mph (or 10 min/mi) for 10 minutes to burn 98 calories, the equivalent of a 1.5 ounce shot of tequila. Will you be working out tomorrow morning?


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