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Make Push-Ups More Challenging by Adding Decline

Push Your Push-Ups: Add Decline

If you want a strong, sculpted upper body, you have to make friends with the push-up. Raising and lowering your own body weight targets your arms, chest, upper back, and core, and because you can do them anywhere, push-ups are a great move to include in your regular strength training routine.

Put a little zest into the age-old exercises by doing them with a decline. Simply put, you need to be in a plank with your feet higher than your hands. Try raising your feet up using a short step, a bosu, a bench, or an exercise ball. When your legs are lifted, it puts more weight forward into your arms and chest (kind of like when you used to play wheelbarrow as a child), making you work harder. Keep correct form with your body in one straight line, your abs engaged, and your shoulders over your wrists.

Do you already add decline to your push-ups?

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well-in-la well-in-la 6 years
Incline push-ups are more difficult from the stance you have to engage your core even more than a regular push up - keeping the long, lean line you use in plank. It makes it slightly easier/modified through your upper body. You can make it even more fun with equipment like a TRX, too! Watch this girl go!
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
Anon--I agree. I've tried decline push-ups using an exercise ball like this picture, and it seems easier because the ball has some of my body weight. Maybe I will try them with a bosu and just keep my feet on the ball rather than part of my legs (which is what is shown in this picture). I also like the idea of trying them on bleachers as in the other picture. That looks like more work!
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