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Cycling and hiking are awesome Summer activities to do with your honey, but they're not the only ones. Do something different on your next fitness date and pay a visit to your local batting cages. Even if you were the kid picking grass in right field during middle school during baseball games, I promise you'll have a blast when you're swinging bats in the sunshine.

You don't need to bring your own equipment to the cages; just wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and bring a little cash to pay for your time. Most places have a selection of cages with multiple options — soft-pitch softball or baseball, medium- or fast-pitch baseball, etc.

Expect to be a little sore after hitting a bunch of balls. Your upper body will get a great strengthening workout, particularly your back, shoulders, forearms, and core. My obliques were still noticeably sore a few days after my most recent trip to the batting cages!

Fit Tip: You may consider taking along a pair of batting gloves if you plan on swinging at 20 or more pitches. Your hands can easily tear after so much use, and you don't want a little injury to cut your afternoon short.

Join The Conversation
misskacie misskacie 8 years
I'm not huge into baseball, but it was really fun to go to the cages back when I was dating. I'm guessing nowhere would be a fun date with a miserable jerk like that, Spectra. He probably thought he sounded SO smart and atheletic! Ha.
poptart-princess poptart-princess 8 years
well, you could look on the bright side - at least he showed you what a jerk he was, thus making it easier to finalize your decision to date him?
Spectra Spectra 8 years
No way. I am THE most uncoordinated person known to mankind and I once went on a date with a guy that took me to a batting cage. He spent the entire time criticizing my swing and telling me that I sucked. So yeah, not a fan.
Angelica Angelica 8 years
I love this idea!
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
I have good memories at batting cages. I used to skip my afternoon classes during the spring of 4th year and go to the batting cages with my ex. So much fun to get out and enjoy the weather!
poptart-princess poptart-princess 8 years
lol, i LOVE the batting cage!! i've gone on a few first dates to one and i think it's a lot more fun than the whole "dinner and a movie" thing.
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