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Despite the health benefits of water, people still love to drink juice and soda. Unfortunately, these beverages are usually empty calories filled with sugar that do little in the way of hydration — even diet soda can be damaging. I think that water tastes great, but sometimes I get bored of drinking it all the time. Instead of giving in to juice and soda cravings, I've been making my own flavored water at home. Not only does it taste great, it's extremely economical.

My advice is to keep a few flavors in your fridge at all times; that way you'll always have a bit of variety and never get bored. Because I only like a hint of flavor in my water, I don't add a ton of stuff — find what works best for your taste buds though!

For a few ideas on how you can make your own



  • Add fresh citrus juice to water. I especially love the combination of lime and orange.
  • Add herbs to your water. I love putting a few sprigs of fresh mint in my H20 pitcher or even lemongrass.
  • Add freshly cut cucumbers. This small addition really gives water a clean and refreshing taste that is ever so subtle.
  • Add fresh sliced ginger, and you've made yourself a natural tummy tamer.
  • Add pickle juice to water and make your own electrolyte replacement drink. It might sound gross but it really works!
  • For a hint of sweetness, crush up some berries or pomegranate seeds into your water. I love mixing strawberries and kiwi together.
  • If you're really craving soda, liven up soda water. Add a hint of flavored syrup, juice, or fresh fruit.

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