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A Reader Takes the Plunge

OnSugar blogger The Hotlegs Runner recently shared her lifelong journey that started in the kiddie pool to competing in aquathlons today.

I went for a swim today as part of my cross-training and to catch the last few days (or weeks) of the warm weather. I like swimming laps because it's just like running. It helps clear my head and I get to think about a lot of things. I love the silence of being in the water. It is a meditation as much as it is an activity.


Within those 800 laps, I was able to recall when I started swimming and how. I was six years old when I thought that the kiddie pool was getting too lame for me already. I wanted to graduate and I remember trying to swim in the "big people" pool. I was hanging on to the sides for dear life, scared because my feet could no longer touch or feel the bottom of the five feet deep pool. And to think I was at the shallowest side of that pool. I looked hopelessly at the other end, which was 10 feet deep. So, what's a kid to do?


I taught myself how to swim! Seriously! Of course I didn't do the freestyle or breaststroke right away. It was more like the dog paddle (reminiscent of how dogs and other animals would swim). I practiced EVERYDAY. After school, I'd put on my bathing suit and head to our clubhouse pool. I swam until the sun would set. I didn't stop until I was able to swim across the deepest end of the pool.

Head over to the OnSugar blog The Hotlegs Runner to read the rest of Julie's swimming journey. When you're done reading, start your own OnSugar blog. Your posts may end up right here on FitSugar!

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