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Male Athletes Struggling With Eating Disorders

A leaner body has advantages in some competitive sports, but it looks like some male athletes may be taking lean a little too far. Recent deaths among wrestlers attempting to make certain weight classes have raised awareness about eating disorders and male athletes. This issue is not just limited to wrestlers. Increasingly, doctors are seeing unhealthy eating disorders develop among cyclists, triathletes, and cross country skiers.

While training, athletes may lose weight and notice that their thinner bodies allow them to move faster. When competing, their sleekness may help them place higher, which can inspire them to want to lose even more weight. That's where dieting and training may become a dangerous mix. If a male athlete loses enough weight, he may become injured and his training will become over training, creating lackluster performance. Hopefully this negative cycle will convince the athlete to improve his nutritional habits. However, if he in fact does have an eating disorder, the athlete may come up with other reasons as to why his performance is lacking, denying his eating disorder. Professional treatment may be necessary to help these men learn the balance between being athletic and being healthy.


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