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Newly married Mandy Moore knows that she is no longer 14 because she has the womanly hips to prove it. Although the maturing pop princess appreciates being a role model for women by representing a different, curvier look often under-represented in the media, Mandy admits she has a "love-hate relationship" with her hips.

Rather than focusing so much on her appearance — she has professionals to help her with all that — Moore works at living a healthy lifestyle. She eats a colorful array of foods, gets acupuncture, and avoids the Hollywood diet obsession.

She recently told People magazine:

"I appreciate when there are other women out there who are beautiful and aren't, you know, a pound. I feel lucky that I don't feel pressure . . . to have my whole life be controlled by whether I fit into a certain size."

To see how she deals with french fries,


Mandy doesn't deprive herself of foods she enjoys believing that it is just not worth it. Her food weaknesses include french fries, cookies, and anything containing peanut butter. When it comes to food and dieting she says, "To me it's about feeling good, feeling healthy." Amen to that!

Do you have a love-hate relationship with a part of your body? Share the details in the comments section below.


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