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Maple Flakes by Equinox

Sometimes I see a new product and I think "What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that. I can't wait to try it." Other products I just question and wonder if there really is a need for it. When I saw the Maple Flakes made by Equinox, my reaction was mixed. It seemed like a cool concept - dehydrated maple syrup, but was there a sweetener void in my life?

Then I sprinkled them on top of the yogurt I had and spread on my favorite toaster waffle, and I was delighted by the concept and the taste, not to mention a serious decrease in the sticky factor. Not only are these little flakes tidier than liquid maple syrup, one teaspoon of flakes has only 7.5 calories compared to maple syrup's 17 calories
per teaspoon. Plus they are organic.

These flakes are also great sprinkled on plain oatmeal, so you can skip the already flavored and sweetened maple, brown sugar flavors. Use it on plain yogurt so you can skip the added sugar in flavored yogurt, which i find excessive. You can use the flakes the next time you make a teriyaki dish.

Buy them from for $5.99 for a 4 ounce package, and that package will last you a long time since the flavor is so concentrated a little pinch packs a tasty punch of maple flavor.

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