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Maramor Dark Chocolate With Omega-3s: Try It or Pass It By?

Multifunctional foods are all the rage, like cholesterol-reducing milk, which is good for your heart and your bones. I just read about a new chocolate fortified with omega-3 fatty acids, the fat that is beneficial to your health but lacking in most American's daily diet. Maramor Dark Chocolate is high in antioxidants, but one square also supplies 105 milligrams blend of omega-3 fats with only 50 calories. Sold!

Then I read in Self that you should freeze the chocolate to diminish the fish taste. Mentally, I put this chocolate back on the shelf. I think I will stick with my fish-oil supplement and let my chocolate be just chocolate.

If you want to Maramor-fortified chocolate, you can find this multitasking food at GNC. A box of 30 squares will cost you about $15.

What about you . . .

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