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Marathon Training Tips For Healthy Joints

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Whether you're an experienced runner looking to go from 10K to half-marathon, or a bored gym rat in need of a new challenge, training for a race is a solid way to up your fitness game. The first step is the easiest: find a race in the near or distant future and sign up! Once you have your goal in place, you can make a plan to keep you on-track physically and mentally. Things to consider:

  1. The right stuff: Shopping is always a great motivator! Treat yourself to some stylish clothing, shoes, and gear that will give you the support and incentive you need on the long path to the finish line.
  2. Mix it up: The secret to running strength and endurance is a variety of activities that alternate muscle groups, including strength training and low-impact moves like yoga or swimming. This approach works more of your body while also allowing for adequate rest and recovery time in between challenging runs.
  3. Give yourself an edge: Running demands a lot from your joints — help defend them with Osteo Bi-Flex® edge*. A daily supplement, edge provides essential nourishment to keep active joints feeling healthy and strong.
  4. Fuel your fire: Staying hydrated is obviously key, but so is eating the right foods at the right times. Eat a meal high in complex carbs at least two hours before a run, but aim for quick snacks of easily digestible carbs and protein if you're getting up and out.
  5. Listen to your body: Pay attention to aches and pains and rest those areas as needed to prevent injuries that could sideline you from your goals. Rest and recovery days (as well as appropriate warm-up and cool-down periods while exercising) are a crucial part of the training process. Use that time to focus on your body and heed any warning signs.

Want more training tips? Check out the videos below!

Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Individual results may vary.

Image Source: Shutterstock
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