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Marisa Miller on Fitness and Ice Cream

Flip through any Victoria's Secret catalog and you'll see Marisa Miller's gorgeous face and body gracing the pages. Marisa has always been one of my favorite models, I think it's because of the freckles, but it could be her amazing body, either way I was thrilled to see her on the cover of Fitness Magazine this month.
Miller opens up to Fitness about her, well, fitness. She also reveals her weakness, which will resonate with a lot of us. Here are highlights:

On why she exercises: “I’m comfortable with the curves I have. I like having a woman’s body . . . It’s not like I’m exercising to be skinny — I’m the girl who needs curves. I like my butt and boobs!”

Miller’s workout secrets: “I’ve tried everything. I love surfing: it’s spiritual and physical . . . I also like Spinning. It’s good toning for your rear and legs. I'll put in one of my favorite Guns N’ Roses music video DVDs and start pedaling. I find it’s so much easier to work out when I can distract myself with something visual.”

On her biggest dietary weakness: “Definitely ice cream.”

On what she stays away from—most of the time: “Processed stuff….Recently, I came back from a long trip and [my husband had] gone grocery shopping—which was nice, but it was all TV dinners and Cap’n Crunch. I said, ‘Honey, is there a fruit or vegetable anywhere in the house?’ And he’s like, ‘I got canned peaches!’ God bless him, but he doesn’t make it easy for me.”

Check out the latest issue of Fitness (on newsstands Oct 9th) to see and read the full article.

Nessa87 Nessa87 5 years
Danielia Danielia 9 years
The only thing fake about Marisa are the envious rumors and claims. It irks me to no end how Everytime jealous girls see a beautiful woman with large breasts they not only automatically assume that they are fake, but they insist that they know they are fake as a FACT. As though it is impossible or there are no woman anymore who are actually large breasted naturally. Marisa Miller has stated in almost every interview of hers that she was a size D by the time she was 16 and was embarrassed by her body because she was a tomboy and didn't want the attention. So she covered up in large oversized t-shirts and sweaters to hide her breasts. So, unless you have actual evidence to the contrary, stop being jealous and spreading fake rumors. I have small breasts, size B so I'm not offended, but not jealous either. However, even though her breasts are beautiful (and real), they are still the only curves on her. She doesn't even have hips or an hourglass figure. Curvy to me is someone like Scarlett Johansson or Eva Mendes who also have naturally large breasts but are more volumptious and softer all around. Not that either is better. I love it though how they say skinny woman are curvy just because they have larger breasts, and then I am considered not curvy because I am skinny with size B breasts. She is 5'8" and only 110lbs and everyone praises her. While I am 5'5" and 105lbs and everyone says that I am too thin and worry that I need to see a doctor about my "alarmingly" low weight. Yeah, right if I had large boobs and a little more muscle they wouldn't be saying that. It's only because I'm flat chested that I don't look healthy and "volumptious"! Whatever!
bhilb bhilb 10 years
I've seen her in the VS catalog for years and have always been kind of turned off by her because she is so thin, yet has big (fake-looking) boobs. She is nowhere near what I consider curvy, even by model standards. Most of her fellow VS models are curvier than she is.
Melissa-Rae Melissa-Rae 10 years
Someone needs to remind these pin thin women what CURVES are.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 10 years
It irks me to no end when skinny models try to call themselves "curvy." Are they trying to be more likeable to the general population? Annoying.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 10 years
damn, HOT body FOR SURE.
mominator mominator 10 years
She is ok. I have seen worse and I have seen better but I do not see curves here. Like one had stated earlier, the only curves I see is the implants the doctor gave her. Her husband sounds like mine.
pandaluck pandaluck 10 years
I don't want to be a hater either, so let me start off by saying she definitely is beautiful. With that said, the first thing that popped in my head after seeing her pic is...why did they photoshop her torso so it looks that long?
JennaV JennaV 10 years
She is gorgeous but the only thing that is curvy on her is her chest.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
I wouldn't say she's skinny, but I wouldn't say that she's curvy either. She is a supermodel who happens to keep her body in top shape doing it the right way so she can advertise lingerie. She says that she likes surfing because she says it's "spiritual and physical," so that could be mainly what she gets the most out of exercising. That, or her endorsement deal with VS!
redhot redhot 10 years
allisonblue allisonblue 10 years
Curvy. Right. *rolls eyes* I'd never heard of this woman before, and I think I can go on happily ignoring her.
Spectra Spectra 10 years
Curves? What curves? You mean the two cantaloupe sized implants on her chest? I hate when women say "I don't exercise to be skinny". Yes they do, come on. And I hate when skinny women say they have curves. I am really athletic and I don't have much for boobs and I have slim hips. I don't really call myself "curvy", but I am still very feminine looking.
bahiachic bahiachic 10 years
Wow, she's as fake as she looks from the sounds of it. What a bunch of B.S.
moonischasingme1 moonischasingme1 10 years
She is definitely a gorgeous woman, no doubt, but I wouldn't use the word "curvy" in a million years to describe her! Either way she is pretty though, of course.
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 10 years
curves? *eyes roll* she's preety tho
kelly kelly 10 years
for some reason her stomach really disturbs me.EEK!!
dunnonuttin dunnonuttin 10 years
She said "…It’s not like I’m exercising to be skinny".... but she is skinny! And the only 'curves' she has are her boobs. She is drop dead gorgeous though!!!
pintsized pintsized 10 years
LOL. Her husband is hilarious.
tati33 tati33 10 years
:ROTFL: syako She looks better..not deathly thin...meaty i would say?
fashionhore fashionhore 10 years
If you look at pictures of her from side angles or a different angle than straight-on she really does have some curves. I think she is gorgeous and has a healthy image. I may be blinded by the media, but I believe it and love love love her!
juliemyjewel juliemyjewel 10 years
Yeah, I don't know what she's talking about w/ the curves thing. her bobs are fake, no doubt (I'm not hating!) so they aren't going anywhere. That being said, she does have the most INSANE body I have ever seen. I wish! I thnk she's probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
moonischasingme1 moonischasingme1 10 years
Syako, I thought the same thing!!!
KaliBeachBabe KaliBeachBabe 10 years
i love how she is a supermodel, yet such a tomboy! she helped to inspire me to workout more by surfing! not only for the exercise, but to clean my mind! best workout ever....
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