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Wedding season is in full swing. It's a commonly held belief that when we find that special someone, we're supposed to live happily ever after. We may be happy, but recent studies show we may also be overweight too. After a few years of marriage, a couple is twice as likely to become obese as couples who are only dating. What's even worse is that statistics show women gain the most weight. Evidence shows that couples do in fact "let themselves go." Not only do they feel more comfortable with their partner and don't feel the need to keep up their figure to impress, but couples also spend more time watching TV, and aren't engaging in enough physical activity.

In order to gain a spouse without gaining pounds, here are seven tips to help you live healthfully after. If one of you decides to make healthy changes by eating right and exercising more, the health kick tends to be contagious.

Tell me, do these stats apply to you? Did you gain wedding weight after saying "I do?"

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