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Get Suspended While You Travel Like Mary J. Blige

When you're on the road you can't always get to a gym, but that doesn't mean you should throw in the towel when it comes to exercising. Do what Mary J. Blige does while traveling, and bring along a TRX suspension Home Training Kit ($170). It's a two-pound strap and handle weight-training system you can easily pack in your suitcase. Just attach it to a door or other sturdy base and you'll strengthen and tone your muscles by lifting and lowering your own body weight. Beverly Hills trainer Gregg Miele uses it to train both Mary and the fabulously fit Jennifer Lopez is also a fan.

They're not the only lovers of this piece of equipment. When she's not in the pool, Olympic swimmer Christine Magnuson uses TRX to strength train, since she doesn't always have access to a weight room. To see a video of how she uses the TRX,


Looks fun, doesn't it?

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wackdoodle wackdoodle 7 years
I've been using the TRX suspension system at Fitness Anywhere studio since early September and I love it. Even with my wrist and knee injuries I can still get a tough, effective and fun work out each time. Like yesterday I went to class suffering from a horrible migraine attack and I had just taking my medications - normally I couldn't go to a regular gym like that and do any effective work out but I could totally customize the TRX to challenge my body while allowing me to safely deal with the effects of the medication. I cannot buy one for my apartment but I am going to buy one for my nephews to use at their house. But I'll only buy the official TRX system directly from the company becuase the phony TRX systems are injuring people. The real TRX Suspension System doesn't injury people.
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