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Mass Transit Commuters Walk 30% More than Those Who Drive

A recent article in Environment and Behavior finds that train commuters walked an average of 30% more steps per day than those who drive to work. They also reported having walked for a period of 10 minutes or more while traveling significantly more often, and were 4 times more likely to walk 10,000 steps per day (the recommended amount for healthy individuals) than car commuters.

Now I understand that it may be impossible for some of us to take the train, bus or subway to work so here are some other ways to get in more steps throughout the day:

  • Don't be competitive about your parking spot. Park at the furthest spot from your building and walk. Added bonus: No more door dings!
  • Skip the elevator and escalators and take the stairs. Added bonus: Missing out on awkward elevator chit-chat with a co-worker you don't particularly enjoy.
  • Instead of ordering your food to be delivered for lunch (or dinner), actually walk to get it. Added bonus: Actually see where you are getting food from.

I have other suggestion, so please

  • Take a 10 minute walk when you need a break. Added bonus: You actually get to take a break.
  • Instead of sending your co-worker an email, walk over to their desk and tell them what you wanted to email. Added bonus: You get the inside scoop on where to get those fab shoes she is wearing.
  • Suggest having a walking meeting instead of sitting sedentary in the conference room. Added bonus: Moving scenery gets the brain thinking much better than grey walls and a white board.
  • If all else fails, pencil in a walk when you get home (maybe your dog or significant other would want to join you). Added bonus: Fido may actually get a decent walk for once.
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