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Massy Arias Baby Stroller Workout

This Fitness Guru Did a Workout With Her Baby's Stroller, and It Looks Pretty Damn Hard

Massy Arias is a fitness extraordinaire. She's an online trainer (with over 2.4 million followers on Instagram!) and a busy mom who somehow finds time to stay incredibly fit and healthy. We're always looking to her for inspiration.

Her latest workout proves that multitasking is the name of the game when you're a superfit mom. To prove that workouts can be done anywhere with any equipment, Massy used her 1-year-old daughter's stroller to work up a sweat. (Maybe don't try this at home, though, unless you're a fitness guru like Massy!)

She starts by doing a Bulgarian split squat while holding dumbbells at her sides. However, her back foot is resting on her daughter Indira's stroller, and when she comes out of the squat, she does a deep swimmer's press with the weights. Next she does a single-leg deadlift into a lunge, holding a dumbbell in one hand and rocking the stroller with the other. Then comes a burpee with a kick over the stroller as she stands up. Are you sweating yet?! But there's more.

Massy then does a deadlift and row with the carrier — and Indira — in her hands. After that, she does a step-back lunge with Indira on her shoulders, then finishes up with a single-leg hip thrust with her baby in her lap. Phew! Now that's a badass mom if we've ever seen one.

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