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Mediterranean Diet Recipes

30+ Recipes to Jump-Start Your Mediterranean Diet Journey

Watermelon Salad

Not only is the Mediterranean diet good for your gut, but it's also incredibly easy to follow and will help you meet your weight-loss and health goals.

This diet doesn't force you to cut a bunch of stuff out of your day but instead focuses on eating clean and fresh. Your meal plates should typically have half a plate of veggies or fruit, a quarter of protein, and a quarter of whole grains. And don't forget your healthy fats! You need those too. And while this diet has a lot of lean, healthy proteins and not much dairy, you can still have minimal servings of cheese, red meat, and wine, though probably no more than once a week.

For some recipe ideas to get you going on this diet, we pulled together more than 30 options that are great pieces to each meal. Most of them require other portions, whether it's the meat or the grains, to make a complete meal, but once you get the hang of what all you need for a meal to come together, you'll have no trouble following along!

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