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Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

Here's Your Complete Shopping List to Start the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

US News & World Report voted the Mediterranean diet as 2018's best overall diet and it's no wonder why. In addition to being effective for weight loss and beneficial to gut and heart health, the "diet" is fairly easy to follow. It's actually less of a diet and more so a regional nutritional philosophy. It's much less restrictive than keto, for example, because it encourages eating more of certain foods rather than eliminating groups altogether. Plus, it permits pairing wine with your meal from time to time.

Overall, the Mediterranean diet is heavy in fresh produce, grains, fish, beans, and olive oil (obviously), and light in meat, dairy, and eggs. Dieting seriously doesn't get any easier than this. To help make your next grocery trip a breeze, we've put together a helpful guide of items you should add to your cart. See the list ahead!

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