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Have you heard of Trophology? It is the study of food combining. Since foods digest at different rates you should avoid certain food combinations and some foods should just simply be eaten on their own. I have a friend who is really into trophology and she insists that melons of all kinds be eaten solo.

Her reasoning about melons goes like this - melons are really easy to digest since they're mostly made of water. Food combiners believe that melon should be eaten separately or only with other fresh fruits. When eating melons with other types of foods, like whole grains, dairy products or meat which all take longer to digest, the melon has to hang out in your stomach while the other food is digested. This holding pattern causes the melon to ferment and then cause gas pain and/or flatulence.

The only info I could find on this is from food combining websites - not so scientific data. So you can believe this and eat your melons on their own, or forget about it and enjoy your cantaloupe and cottage cheese. Personally I've never had a problem, but I guess ever body is different.


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