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Men, Hands & Public Restrooms: Dirty Little Secrets

Men, Hands & Public Restrooms: Dirty Little Secrets

Strange things are a foot in the men’s public restroom and someone is spying on the happenings and reporting the facts.

It is National Handwashing Week and the results of this survey need to be seen by as many eyes as possible, so hopefully we can root out these dirty habits. One third of the men spied on in public restrooms did not wash their hands according to the study based on observing 6000 people in 4 major U.S. cities. Before we start thinking the female sex is so clean, the survey revealed 12% of women didn't wash their hands either. So let's face it, we are also not perfect.

In a recent interactive survey, 92% of Americans said they usually always wash up after using the bathroom, but it seems that on observation some folks were not telling the truth. The eyes don't lie. I am going to say it again, frequent handwashing is your best line of defense in warding off colds and the flu. So please wash up!

If you live in Atlanta, Chicago, NYC or San Francisco (my city by the bay) you should read more about this study to see how many men and women from your city lathered up.

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