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Michael Phelps Returns to Swimming After Suspension

Michael Phelps Dives Back In

After the infamous "marijuana pipe" photo mysteriously surfaced, Michael Phelps was suspended from competition for three months by USA Swimming. But Phelps returns to racing this weekend — his first competition since Beijing — at the USA Swimming Grand Prix in Charlotte, NC.

Riding his post-Olympic fame has been a little rocky to say the least, and the gold medal winner has had to learn how to navigate in "real life." His swimming career was superbly choreographed, but much of his youth was spent in the pool leaving him little time to develop other interests. His coach, Bob Bowman, is now teaching him a little self preservation as well as how to perfect his strokes. Bowman told the New York Times, “Michael wants to know people and open up to them a little bit, but it just doesn’t work. You just have to approach everybody with skepticism, which I think is sad." Fame does have a price it seems.

To see what kind of "grass" Phelps is into now, just


Phelps has been surrounding himself with the green grass of golf links. Recently introduced to the game, Michael apparently loves it. His coach loves it for him too, hoping it gives Phelps some social polishing and a chance to schmooze with CEOs. Michael's training regimen still seems pretty tough. His weight training involves pull-ups wearing a 40-pound weighted vest. Wow! I will be rooting for Phelps this weekend, will you?


honeycreepshow honeycreepshow 8 years
i really like him, he seems like a genuinely nice and cool guy. my boyfriend is a swimmer (who also smokes weed occasionally... and does amazing in school... and is a state-qualified athlete many times over, etc) and he's such a huge fan of phelps. he has an autographed picture of him on his desk. it's cute lol.
telane telane 8 years
I totally agree, livetolove. I think they made a mountain out of a molehill.
livetolove livetolove 8 years
always supported him and always will. people really made a huge deal out of nothing... in other countries marijuana isn't considered a debilitating drug--in the US? not so much. ughh get over it people, it wasn't like it was heroin
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