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Micheal Phelps Loses First Individual Race in Four Years

Golden Boy Phelps Gets Silver

After breaking world records left and right, and taking home a record-setting eight gold medals from Beijing, Michael Phelps came in second place.

This is his first loss in four years in an individual race at a major international meet. German swimmer Paul Biederman bested Phelps in the 200-meter freestyle buy 1:22 seconds. Biederman placed sixth in this event in the Olympics last August. Needless to say, Phelps was upset by this upset. He told reporters,

Deep down inside, I can't be mad. I can't be disappointed. Paul swam a great race. He split that 200 free pretty much perfect. I didn't have anything in the last 50. And when he pulled away from me, I kind of got left pretty quick.

The high-tech swimsuit controversy continues, though. To see how,


Earlier in the week FINA, the international governing board of competitive swimming, decided to regulate both the type and amount of fabric swimmers are allowed to wear in competition. The era of high-tech swimsuits ushered in by Speedo's LZR will end next April. Phelps competed wearing his high-tech suit, but the LZR is now considered old school. Swimsuit manufacturers, Arena and Jake, have created suits that contain even more impermeable panels making swimmers even more buoyant and streamline, and therefore faster. Phelps's coach, Bob Bowman, believes the newer suits are giving swimmers an unfair advantage and he wants a "level the playing field," ditching the high-tech suits. When asked if the swimmer or the suit out swam him, Phelps simply replied, "The swimmer."

What do you think?

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