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Microwave Myths Busted

Here are some myths about your microwave that need clearing up:

1. Microwaving your food kills all the nutrients. FALSE. A microwave works by emitting radio waves called, you guessed it, micro waves. These waves aggravate the food particles, making them vibrate, which causes heat. Cooking food in a microwave heats it faster than on a stove, so it should retain more nutrients.

2. Microwaves leak radiation, putting you at risk for developing cancer. This could be TRUE, but if your microwave is working properly, it doesn't leak enough to cause cancer.

3. Microwaving food in plastic containers releases toxic chemicals called dioxins into your food. FALSE. According to the FDA, plastic containers and plastic wraps don't contain dioxins.

Also be aware that when you heat something in the microwave, it can get really hot very quickly. So do be careful when taking food out because it could burn you.

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