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Mock Meat

Beef is loved by many a person, maybe a little too much perhaps. Diets high in red meat have been linked to heart disease due to its high fat content.

A recent study found a link between eating high amounts of red meat and developing colon cancer. It can also increase the risk of heart disease in diabetics.

Anyway you slice it, eating a ton of beef just doesn't do a body good. Instead of simply switching to the other "white meat," why not try a meat alternative instead? Take a walk on the healthy side of life and check out some mock meats. Now don't get me wrong - they don't taste exactly like real beef, but they can be pretty tasty just the same.

Tofu, made from soaked and ground up soybeans, can be cubed and baked or stir-fried. It is also used to make Tofurky and Tofu Pups.

Tempeh is made with whole, fermented soybeans. It's great to marinate and bake. Fakin Bacon is made out of tempeh. Some people find it easier to digest than tofu.

The chewy consistency of Seitan (the vegetarian wheat meat), made from wheat gluten, is great in mock chicken nuggets, or mock steak strips for fajitas. You can make it yourself, or buy the pre-made ones at the store.

TVP (textured vegetable protein) can be used to make veggie burgers, or added to chili or other soups to replicate a meaty texture.

These meat alternatives taste fairly bland, making them perfect for marinades. Plus they're great alternative sources of protein.

Fits Tips: Many Asian restaurants offer dishes with these mock meats. If you're nervous about making them yourself, order them the next time you go out to eat. Their delicious taste and texture is not only satisfying but healthier for you than red meat.

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