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Are Models Too Thin, or Not Thin Enough?

Scandal loves Janice Dickinson and Janice Dickinson loves scandal.

On eating disorders, she has been reported to say:

"I'm dying to find kids who are too thin. I've got 42 models in my agency and I'm trying to get them to lose weight. In fact, I wish they'd come down with some anorexia. I'm not kidding. I'm running into a bunch of fat-assed, lazy little bitches who don't know how to do the stairs or get their butts into the gym."

So being that it is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, what do you guys think about her statement?


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veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
she's dumb!
phatE phatE 10 years
have ya'll seen the agency?? that kind of goes along with what she is saying, and ALL of those girls are VERY thin, but they aren't anorexic (on that show at least) you see them not wanting to give up hotdogs, pizza, etc.. I don't at all agree w/ janice, but her view is no different from other agencies.
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Rosemary-Cross Rosemary-Cross 10 years
this is just lame - she needs to go away
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 10 years
um shes nuts and cant stay married to anyone :(
sugar_bear sugar_bear 10 years
Yuck- she makes me SICK! I can't believe she would say that in a world where girls are practically dying daily from anorexia. But I guess she'll say anything since her looks are fading fast!
chancleta chancleta 10 years
She's coo coo for cocoa puffs. In fact...she should eat some cocoa puffs.
quietriott quietriott 10 years
look how creepily skinny her calves are in those boots. they don't even come close to fitting her properly.
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 10 years
I hope her agency tanks. She's such a has-been. And after the agencies in London and Italy are turning down girls for being too thin and those 2 Brazilian models that died from anorexia recently she has the nerve to say something like that? She's probably on coke.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
I don't care what successes she's had, she's not someone I'd aspire to be. If I were a model (HArHArHAH), I would look at her and think "That's what I have to do when I get old???? Fuhgetabotit!!" It's sad that she spent so much of her life trying to be ONE THING that she can never let it go.
mmmmmm mmmmmm 10 years
Come on guys, it's Janice I can even hear her saying it in my head. Also I don't think that the anorexia comment was the main point of her quote. She was obviously asked what she thought of the thin model controversy, tried to make a joke (however insensitive...she's still Janice Dickinson). In addition; if you've ever watched her modeling show this is a reoccurring theme and it's because her models aren't toned.
SassyRedhead SassyRedhead 10 years
I doubt she really really means it. She's just so attention starved and desperate that she'd say anything to get people to think she's culturally relevant again.
ash_marisa ash_marisa 10 years
I would like to hear why the 3 people who voted that models are not thin enough...why? is that a joke? Gross.
cams cams 10 years
That quote is pretty old. But either way, it's disgusting and I can't believe someone would say that.
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