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Bone Up With Beer?

Earlier this Summer we learned that the stout beer Guinness was good for the heart, and now Spanish research has found that beer may promote bone density. Out of 1,700 women participating in the study, those that were considered moderate beer drinkers had the highest bone density. It is believed that the plant hormone phytoestrogen found in beer, and not other alcohols, may be the key to building dense bones. Dr. Claire Bowring, a UK osteoporosis expert, said that while this study mirrored previous studies, her organization would not be recommending that women start drinking pints daily. Here's her explanation:
"While low quantities of alcohol may appear to have bone density benefits, higher intakes have been shown to decrease bone strength, with an alcohol intake of more than two units per day actually increasing the risk of breaking a bone. There are also many other health concerns linked with alcohol which cannot be ignored."

The bottom line: Drink one drink a day, and no more. Don't start drinking for health benefits or bone density. If you like to kick back with one brewski a day, it might benefit your bones.

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Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Just can't bring myself to drink beer - way too bitter for me.
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