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Modern Union Yoga Messenger Bags

Gear Review: Modern Union Yoga Bag

Dealing with my yoga mat when I ride to the gym can be a pretty tricky feat. I have a bike basket that I can tie it to but it always throws me off balance. That's why I was really excited to find these messenger bags from Modern Union ($68). The bags were designed by yoga studio owners Stephanie Ofanankis and Belinda Osborne because the partners couldn't find a yoga bag that met their lifestyle needs — lucky me!

First off, I love the textiles they chose — simple, colorful, and modern. Beyond that it's a great bag to take to the gym or use on your days off. The straps on the bottom of the bag keep a yoga mat secure, and I like that there are outside pockets for a water bottle and cell phone. The inside of the bag is roomy enough to carry gym essentials or even a laptop. Inside are a bunch of smaller pockets so things don't get lost, including a key ring holder.

Most importantly these Modern Union bags make commuting on a bike so easy. There's a padded shoulder strap for comfort and a magnetic closure, which is great in case you need to get in and out of your bag quickly if you're stopped at a light. An added bonus is each bag is made out of durable cordura, meaning it won't be ripping, scuffing, or tearing on you anytime soon and it's water resistant.

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thedingo thedingo 7 years
I do EXACTLY the same, Yogaforlife! I keep a bottle of Clorox Anywhere spray in my trunk as well, and a box (tub) of anti-germ wipes for that reason. I wipe my mat down or spray it every day, especially after I practice yoga.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Oh I like them! I could put my yoga clothing in that and keep my mat tidy. Fit I have a question - I keep my mat and clean workout clothes in my car since I never know if I'm going to get to a yoga class on any given day. Is that bad for the mat? I'm wondering if getting hot and/or cold in the car is bad and will wear the mat out faster.
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