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Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Eating Tips
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Montly Skin Evaluations Can Save You From Skin Cancer

Check Yourself: Skin Cancer Self-Examination

The best ways to spot (and treat) skin cancer is with early detection. Early detection does not always start in the doctor's office, it begins at home. A simple self-evaluation of your skin allows you to detect the early warning signs of basal-cell carcinoma, squamous-cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Try and do the following once a month and look for a new growth or any changes in your skin:

  • Examine head and face, using one or both mirrors. Use blow-dryer to inspect scalp.
  • Check hands, including nails. In full-length mirror, examine elbows, arms, underarms.
  • Focus on neck, chest, torso. Women: Check under breasts.
  • With back to the mirror, use hand mirror to inspect back of neck, shoulders, upper arms, back, buttocks, legs.
  • Sitting down, check legs and feet, including soles, heels, and nails. Use hand mirror to examine genitals.


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