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Mooooove Over Cow's Milk: Soy and Rice Milk Explained

Mooooove Over Cow's Milk: Soy and Rice Milk Explained

There are many beverage choices for people who are lactose intolerant. We're lucky enough in this day and age to be growing up with delicious and nutritious non-dairy, milk alternatives.

So the 2 main ones to choose from are soy milk and rice milk. What's the difference?

Soy milk originated in China and is made, obviously, using soybeans. They are soaked and then ground up with water.

Nutritionally, its protein content is naturally close to cow's milk. Most soy milk is enriched with added vitamins such as B12. Manufacturers also add calcium. Soy milk has very little saturated fat, making it a healthy chose for people watching their cholesterol.

Some popular brands are Silk and Edensoy.

Rice milk is mostly made with brown rice and sweetened with sugarcane syrup.

Compared to cow's milk, it contains more carbs, but not a significant amount of protein or calcium. It's a good alternative for people who are trying to avoid cholesterol, because rice milk has none. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin B12 and iron.

Rice Dream and Pacific Rice Milk are common brands.

Soy Milk is healthier for you, but rice milk is more like cow's milk in taste and consistency. It's really a matter of personal preference so give them both a try to see which one you like.

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baltimoregal baltimoregal 10 years
Yep, us lactose intolerant people have a lot more choices than we used to. Very thankful for both soy milk and Lactaid. Those of us who learned of our problem the hard way can't stand the taste (or texture, even) of real milk so soy milk is better anyway. "I'm lactose intolerant. I have no patience for lactose and I won't stand for it." Jerry Seinfeld BaltimoreGal
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